Our Services

Our Billion Trees delivers planting, managing, care and supply of trees, flowers, vegetables, grass, utensils, materials and other services.

Watering & Trimming

Trimming and watering flowers, plants & grass.

Shrub Planting & Care

Planting ideal shrubs and managing care and growth.

Grass Cutting

Machine grass cutting, scaling, patterns and care.

"Let's Make Your Environment Full of Life, Happiness, Beauty & Greenness!"

Collect & Disposal Waste

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Brilliant Working Crew

Trusted, skilled and experienced working teams.

Garden Planting & Care

Planting gardens of crops, flowers, trees and more.

Homes & Gardens
Open Spaces


Voices of feedback from clients, communities and partners.

The very goal of planting one billion trees is as remarkable as the wealth of planting one million gardens while empowering people with jobs and services.
Naomi Mbalayo
We are very excited by the beautiful works done by the 'Our Billion Trees' Team. The grass, flowers and trees have created an environment of peace
Wilson Chembe
Park Manager