Gardens of Life

Join us plant food gardens for vulnerable families in local communities.

About Gardens of Life

This is a program of planting food gardens for needy families and communities. Each garden comprises various vegetables to offer a balance of foods for each family.

Target Beneficiaries

Gardens of Life targets to reach underprivileged and poor families and households that need food support within local communities.

Expected Outcomes

Reduction of hunger, malnutrition and poverty. Self-reliance and sustainable food production and supply for healthy livelihoods among families.

We Seek to Provide Exceptional Services & Outreaches!

With the best professional guidance, we provide solutions to vegetable gardening needs, challenges and opportunities among families and communities with a Billion Trees and Gardens of Life at heart.

Supply of Seedlings

Production and provision of seeds and seedlings.

Land Cultivation

Prepare pieces of land for food planting.


Plant variety of food crops in deigned gardens and spaces.

Tending & Watering

Activating watering and weeding activities.

Meals for Street Children

The Master Chimbala Foundation runs a special garden that supports the Street Children's Kitchen which is a program that provides meals for street children and other homeless people. This outreach program is linked to a permanent outreach of placing children from the streets to safe sheltered homes.

Why we do this...

We do this because people's live matter, today. This programme address issues of hunger, poverty, inequality, exclusion, health, nutrition, community support initiatives, climate change, water, employment, and local partnerships.

Servitude + Generosity

Sharing a heart of love, compassion and service.

Selfless Volunteering

Mobilizing efforts to deliver practical support.

Sense of Community

Collaborating in diversity, skills, talents and strength.

Sharing Skills

Empowering more people with the skills of gardening.