September to December 2023.

Let’s Plant and Manage Your Garden Today!

We are planting trees and gardens everywhere. Join this marathon and share in the lovely experiences with us. Invite us to beautify and enhance life in your spaces.


Watering & Trimming

Trimming and watering flowers, plants & grass.

Shrub Planting & Care

Planting ideal shrubs and managing care and growth.

Grass Cutting

Machine grass cutting, scaling, patterns and care.

"Let's Make Your Environment Full of Life, Happiness, Beauty & Greenness!"

Collect & Disposal Waste

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Brilliant Working Crew

Trusted, skilled and experienced working teams.

Garden Planting & Care

Planting gardens of crops, flowers, trees and more.

Why Choose Us

Because our passion is to deliver exceptional results that meet and exceed your wishes. Our teams of energetic and goal-focused members aspire to deliver great results.

Goal-Focused Works

Meeting standards and timelines of service.

Achievers' Experiences

Best experiences to achieve optimum results.

Quality Service

Delivering top-standard service everywhere.

Works by Good Hands

A network of good people serving with passion.

Supporting Lives.

Key Targets

Our Key Targets for 2020

Gardens & Homes
Open Spaces

What they say about Our Billion Trees

Voices from communities, homes, organizations and institutions.

There is no better place than the premise embraced with warm, caring and loving hands. Our Billion Trees is about the true love for nature and life. Thanks for nurturing mother earth.
William Ndewe
Justice Activist
I enjoy everything to do with trees, flowers, crops and grass. Our Billion Trees means everything in that scope. I am inspired by the great aspiration of this mission. I support this initiative big time!
Juliana Mande

Questions & Answers

Here are some questions and answers about Our Billion Trees.

Becasue Our Billion Trees cares about nature, the environment, climate change and life on earth. Through this mission we are creating jobs, life mentorship, skills coaching and knowledge transfer.

Our Billion Trees teams are ready and scheduled to reach all corners, thus every province, district, community, village, institution and area.

You can support by awarding us projects, equipment, materials, sponsoring trees, volunteering, paying crew members and more.